How To Turn Your Titan Into A Thunder-Bomber In Destiny 2: Arc 3.0 Season Of Plunder Builds

How To Turn Your Titan Into A Thunder-Bomber In Destiny 2: Arc 3.0 Season Of Plunder Builds

How To Turn Your Titan Into A Thunder-Bomber In Destiny 2: Arc 3.0 Season Of Plunder Builds

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very exciting.

The Titan Build that BROKE Grandmaster Arc 3.0 l Season 18 l Destiny 2

This is how you can LFG ANY GM in 15 to 25min with no coms!
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Solo Master Nightfall LIGHTBLADE W/ARC 3.0 STORM Grenade Build (TITAN) Platinum Rank – Destiny 2

A Video Showing Solo Master Nightfall LIGHTBLADE W/ARC 3.0 Storm Grenade Build (TITAN) Platinum Rank – Destiny 2

Video Includes:
Commentary Aided Run
PS5 4K 60 FPS
Lightblade Solo Master Nightfall
Titan Arc 3.0 Storm Grenade Build
100K Pinnacle Reward
Season Of Plunder

Intro / Build: 0:00
Opening Section: 3:32
Inside Room: 4:05
Tomb Ship 1: 7:55
Orb Dunks: 9:10
Tomb Ship 2: 10:30
Swamp Area: 13:20
Final Section Before Boss: 15:40
Final Boss Alak-Hul: 20:00

Tarnished Mettle (Barrier Scout)
Sailspy Pitchglass Linear Fusion Rifle – Arc

Build: Arc 3.0 Titan
Storm Grenades
Thruster Ability
Seismic Strike
Exotic Chest Plate Heart Of Inmost Light

Aspects: Touch Of Thunder / Knockout
Fragments: Shock / Ions /Magnitude / Resistance

Armor Mods:
Elemental Well Charged With Light Hybrid Build
High Energy Fire
Elemental Charge
Reaping Wellmaker
Shield Break Charge
X2 Arc Resist
Scout Loader
Linear Fusion Scavenger
Surge Detonators


The BEST End Game Build To EVER Grace Destiny 2

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The BEST End Game Build To EVER Grace Destiny 2

What your about to watch is 8 minutes of Godly destruction like Thor himself calling down Thunder in 6 different Grandmasters
and just watch what happens! We have become the God of Thunder himself in destiny 2 and we make these Grandmasters seem like a joke!

If you are running a Titan then there is no reason you should be on any other build but this one because the destructive power
is just to great to pass up and all 3 of us fireteam members ran this exact same set up for all 6 Grandmasters! Which means you all can do it too
because Rowdy over here sucks at GMs lol I kid I kid! Well maybe not… so Moving on
For 4 of them that had barrier and overload champions we ran the same weapons and then for the 2 with Unstoppable
and Barrier we just threw on a different weapon for Unstoppables.

We also all 3 ran the same mod set up which I will go over in a minute here but technically mods aren’t even needed and there are a few routes you could
go with them like a Triple fire power set up that we didn’t even use because we opted for some extra healing which you should as well
because it just adds to our survivability which is needed in grandmasters for sure. But even without mods this build
and the power it provides puts it on a level of its own and simple crushes Hunters, Sorry Hunters, and even takes the top spot above Warlocks
In Grandmasters for me! Even in the Boss room on Exodus Crash where people would bring Well Warlocks or Titans with Ursa, our Jolting abilities
were strong enough to handle it all! Ans I have been a Warlock main since Destiny 1 and it pains me to say this but Titans, you are now the
Gods of Destiny 2 in Grandmasters with this Build. You have the crown!

This Build will make easy work for you and make farming that sweet double loot this week on all the different Grandmasters a breeze!

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Become the Storm God with INFINITE GRENADES [Destiny 2 Titan Build]

This endgame Arc 3.0 Titan grenade build will allow you to throw storm grenades endlessly, obliterating swathes of enemies while also dealing strong single target damage. This build is viable in all levels of content, and I am looking forward to using it in Grandmaster Nightfalls when they drop this season. This rendition of the build does NOT use Trace Evidence or Lightning Strikes Twice in the interest of longevity.

In the gameplay we are 15-20 power under level in Master Nightfalls and Lost Sectors, while solo. This build is an excellent choice for high level content and solo flawless runs, and offers a style of gameplay that Titan previously did not have access to. Check out the hilarious world of Skibidi Toilet! Dive into the meme that took the internet by storm.

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio